Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Another Sale!

I went back to work on Monday. This means I won't have as much time to devote to etsy, blogging, and promoting. However, I am going to try to keep as much motivation and momentum as possible. My favorite sociology Prof, who is now a amazing close friend, always told me that changes happen often slowly and than pick up and start to move fast. I kind of feel like I may be on the right track and that I will be picking up speed quickly.

After some interesting things occurred I sold my Under The Sea bracelet! I am so excited. I am especially thrilled, because it was the VERY first charm bracelet I ever made! It was my etsy avatar for awhile. I just recently re shot the photos.
It is going in the mail today!

I started a fan page of facebook. I only had about 40 fans, but than a awesome etsy friend of mine showed me link love. Under the discussion tab is a list where sellers can add their links and show each other love and support by fanning the page, checking out the shops and blogs. Etsy is so wonderful, because it truly is a community. The people are wonderful and supportive. I am so happy I have joined and become more and more active. Within 2 days my fan page gained almost 100 fans! Not only that, but I saw a posting request for elephant themed items for a 13 year old who's birthday is coming. I am now working on creating a special charm bracelet for her! I will post pics when it is finished. In addition, it seems I made a new etsy friend :)

Yesterday my grandmother turned 71.

This is her christmas of 07 with a pillow i quilted for her.

While shopping for supplies i FINALLY found some Shepard hook bookmarks. (I ordered some from etsy, but they aren't due to arrive for a little while.) I bought the 4 or 5 they had in the store. I made my very first one and gave it to my grandmother for her birthday. I also got her a card that looks just like the love of my life.. joey blueridge!

Love right away!

She was so happy! My grandmother is such a amazing woman. I love her more that I could ever express in words.

her and I xmas 2007:

She raised five children on her own. She has had a hard life at times, but she- like i, truly believes that she is stronger because of it. She tries to find the positive in everything and in people. She is creative, loving, and truly inspiring. She has always been there for me and her family. When I was younger my mother worked full time and went to school. My father is a alcholic and my brother and I often took care of ourselves. My mother did the best she could to help improve herself and thus us. My mother is amazing and I am so thankful for her. I truly believe that it is because of my grandmother that my mother is such a strong, creative, and independent woman. It is because of my mother that I have become one also. My grandmother has started to think about her mortality as she has gotten older. It does not seem that she is over 52 to me though. I feel assured that when the time comes it will just be her body gone from the earth. I believe that she will always live on, because she is part of me. I am a atheist, however I think I have healthy beliefs in relation to death.

I didn't feel well much of the month I was off of work. I have a fractured bone in my large toe. This is due to a battery carrier slipping, and a large marine battery coming down and landing - corner first- on my foot at work. However I did get a few things done. I started my blog, a fan page, taught myself how to crochet, and got a few new items listed. Although I did not get as much done as I felt I needed to I made some progress.

I wanted to write about some other things, but I need to work on the elephant charm bracelet and take some photos.


  1. wonderful post darling! and the pic of your bracelet makes A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE!!!!!! looks like things are on the move for you, woo-hoo!

  2. thanks sweetie! the pics are gradualy coming along... ;)

  3. I love reading your posts. :) Your grandma looks sweet & that pic w/ Joey is wonderful! What a cutie. And you got more than a few things done these last few weeks, you've kicked ass! A quick look at your shop proves that. <3