Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Big Crumbs, FREE promoting, and me!

I spent part of the early morning trying to tackle some of my 400 emails. While doing so i found a older etsy email. In it i read a article about
The author said that his wife had a etsy shop and that helped him create this site. It is FREE to join. You can add your amazon, etsy, or ebay shop for FREE. Thus, increasing the traffic to your site.

This sounds a bit too good to be true right? Kind of, but not really. I went ahead and joined. You can indeed add your shop for FREE and it is VERY easy to do. The point of it is that you can than offer deals on items in your shop. It links right to your etsy item. These can be deals offered through big crumbs only, or sales you are having in your shop. There are NUMEROUS boxes to check for things such as : clearance, money off, free shipping, new customer, etc. You can set a date for how long the item will run as a sale too! Again, this is all FREE.

When you join they ask you for a referal. If you do not put one in they assign you to a person. If you are going to join please put me in as your referal. Vee41Dmb. also please go ahead and friend me so i can see what you are offering!

You do not have to buy anything from the site. However, you can shop the other etsy deals, ebay, etc. Along with brand name stores.. When you shop with them they pay you. I am not sure ezactly how that works yet, but it looked very simple. Again, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SHOP OR BUY ANYTHING TO JOIN AND PROMOTE YOUR SHOP!

This seems like a great tool! FREE advertising and it could be for things you ALREADY have on sale in your shop! I went ahead and listed 3 deals. My deals are going to run for a total of ten days. I made the exclusive to the site, because i want to see if i get any new business from it!

I have listed these three deals:
free shipping on this beautiful Luck Be A Lady Bracelet!
only 90$ for ALL THREE pieces in my owl always love you collection! free shipping
and ten dollars off of my Winter wonderland charm bracelet! free shipping

Check out the site and share your thoughts with me!
Please remember to list me as a referal. Also, if you already belong let me know!


  1. These are such beautiful pieces! Plan to give Big Crumbs a shot & will certainly put you as my referral. Thank you for the info!

  2. Let me know when you do! It can look a little confusing at first, but I have faith that if I was able to figuire it out you will be too :)