Thursday, February 18, 2010

Amigurmi :)

I recently bought from this wonderful shop that has been a favorite of mine for a long time. I am SO impressed and happy with my purchase!
I ordered this beautiful yarn bowl.

It is the perfect size and weight. Even more beautiful than the picture shows! Although I must say her pics are FAB!
Def worth checking this shop out!

I ordered it two days ago and it arrived today. The bowl was boxed for perfect safe shipping.
The yarn fits in her perfectly. It stops it from rolling all over the place and better yet.. keeps it from getting tangled!! As a added bonus I can toss my small items that I am always walking around with... ie: tiny scissors, stitch counter (my best friend), invisible thread, and what ever body parts I need to attach.
The piece I bought is here:
She also sells beautiful mugs, jewelry holder, etc.

A note on crocheting and amigurumi:

I recently feel in LOVE with so many of the cute amigurmi items on Etsy. I could not believe the prices though. $20 for a little 3 inch item? Why?
I used to crochet. This was limited. I made a really pretty granny square afghan when i was pretty young. It is purple, white, black, and pink with black linking them together. I'm looking at it now.. all these years later and i STILL love it!
I also went on a beanie hat frenzy about 6 years ago or so. Other than that my crocheting has been nonexistent. I did recall that once i started it was very easy.

So, I have been asking my mother to make me a little octopus or to show me how. I was asking and asking and asking for a couple months. Than one day she came home with a book... I must say i do NOT do instructions. My mother is always able to teach herself creative things (like knitting) by reading the book. I never seem to have any luck. I get easily confused, overwhelmed, and stuck. I than feel angry,and like a failure. However, I looked in the book and OMG there are these sea turtles that i instantly HAD to make. It is a large mama turtle, with two small baby turtles, and some eggs. The turtles fit in the eggs which than fit in the mama turtle! SO CUTE!!! I went and bought the yarn for the turtles right away...

Yet, we talked it over and i am so proud of myself bc i practiced the stitches and learned them first. (I tend to just jump right into things.) Than I decided to make a mushroom. I did this mushroom, literally, 20 times or so. It took days and days... Yet, I read the book by myself and taught myself! It's not real easy to read:
*1sc, 2sc in the next sc*
sk,sc, dec...
yoddi yoddi...
but it is now!

Beginning of a mushroom:

I haven't done the turtles yet, but i have so far made a snail, a couple pears, a apple, a mushroom, a koala bear, a bunny, and a dog hunter!
Some of these have turned out better than others, but with each piece i get faster and learn more. I've been learning about yarn and what types of yarn I like to use.

Finished mushroom:

Needless to say I now understand WHY a 3 inch item can cost $20!
I personally love the larger items. Looking forward to making some humanoid creatures, animals, monsters, and food.
The great thing is that although I've still only done a handful of pieces, I'm already able to adjust my items and am starting to design my own pieces.

This is Calvin the koala :)
I do need to re shoot him (hopefully tomorrow...) he has a tiny piece of black yarn on his cheek that was fixed...

If you would like to see some of my amigurumi please check out my etsy shop

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  1. All these pieces look amazing to me & I can't imagine the work that must go into them! You really do a beautiful job & it's no surprise your koala was already picked for a treasury. I should hit you up for a beanie sometime... :D